"The hardest thing about hypnosis is simply getting past the word."
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Martinsburg, WV

The phoenix represents strength, hope, and rebirth, as well as transformation.

Hypnosis is possibly as old as mankind. The myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. Today the ethical use of hypnosis is seen in a variety of fields including medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports, and education.

The American Medical Association approved hypnosis in 1958, calling it a viable and beneficial health alternative. Since then thousands of Americans have benefited from its use.

Positive Changes Wellness Center is offering an exciting new concept in the field of hypnosis. Most people have limited understanding of the positive results that can be achieved in a professionally controlled hypnosis session. I believe hypnosis can benefit almost every individual who wishes to stop smoking, improve their health,  gain confidence or make any other positive behavior change. I give you my personal promise that your needs, goals and desires will always be my top priority.
Nora M. Corey, MHt. CHt.